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The Restless Man

I was living in a small town which was somewhat like the town I grew up in. There was another person who lived in the house that I lived in which was in the village. She was like a landlord and was ...'neutral' in the dream if you understand my meaning. All was normal in the pleasant and -in places - beautiful village.
 Then a man arrived. He was -I immediately understood-(though I do not know how)- an escaped convict. He was extremely violent and I could tell he was desperate to go out into the rest of the world as soon as possible. He had a powerful black muscle car which did not run. It had once run, though not by him, and had a prior history. It had been abandoned there and left for dead by someone else some time in the past.

 To every person that he came into contact with in the village, he was properly mannered..barely. It was not obvious to others how violent he was. He would, I could tell, murder anyone who tried to stand in his way or who he thought suspected him. He was absolutely driven and wanted only one thing. He needed that car to run. I knew that if he got that thing going, his conveyance into the world would be irreversible and it would be dreadful what he would do, how far he would go, ....it would be too late. Much worse than opening Pandora's box but like that, he had to be prevented from this at any cost. This was my overpowering feeling in the dream. I had no idea who he was during the dream but a very violent and dangerous man who was bent on going into the larger world. I couldn't look the other way and think it wasn't my responsibility. Once he escaped into the world, there would be no stopping him.

 He smiled and asked everyone he could about how to get parts to get his car going, and all he did was work feverishly on this thing. He would go into downtown to get something and have nothing to do with people except to try to get someone to help him get that big black car working. He stopped me several times for help and he was so on edge and nervous that I dared not let on that I did not want anything to do with helping him. I tried to think of a way to sabotage him without him discovering and tried to lead him astray but it was very risky. I thought of telling the landlady but she was too big of a risk. She wouldn't believe me or worse she would find me offensive and say something to him. She didn't want trouble from me or him. She was all about the path of least trouble. I could tell.

 I went to a store that he came out of and thought of telling them who he was but I knew they would not have anything to do with me if I did. Then they might tell him. He would then wait for his moment, and kill me.

 This whole village was one of people all minding their own business and nobody wanting to hear any trouble. They were all "good law abiding people" but they would side with whoever caused them the least trouble. Even now when I type this, I can still feel the terrible fear. There were only two people in this whole village who knew something deadly serious was going on: Me and him.

 I had to watch him constantly and he was all I could think of. My focus absolutely was a fear of what he would do to innocent unsuspecting people out in the rest of the world with nothing to stop him.  I was almost as nervous and driven about him and what he would do if he succeeded, as he was driven about getting that vehicle going.
This was like a real circumstance- with no one there to help me and I could tell that vehicle had a lot of power. I had to find a way to stop him.

 At times I found myself politely putting him off and even telling him something a bit helpful to appease him. This made me feel even worse
and even more filled with anxiety. As the day wore on and a sunset scene began to come over the town, the place was even more eerily quiet than ever, and he was still out in plain site for all to see furiously working on that car with no let up at all like he had incredible energy. Dread and fear came over me as I realized how short time was- how overdue he was. I was growing fatigued with anxiety. It made me ashamed of myself for not doing something.

 Deep down I felt that I could take him. I sized him up but it was a closer contest than I preferred and I knew the locals would back him, and unless I outright killed him, he would kill me. In a normal sidewalk scene, would I attack and try to kill someone who was evil and needed to be stopped?
 Its a lot more intimidating than most realize. Part of the reason that I felt I had a chance against him was because I knew who he was (a killer) and he did not know that I knew. But he was so violent and filled with energy that I realized I was beginning to be the same as the townspeople. He also seemed to be a smoker or addict of some kind (alcohol?) but he kept it hidden. How I knew this I cannot say. And he was doing all this right in front of my own house.
 I walked a certain distance away to reduce the risk of him encountering me in his comings and goings, and I called the police. I told them he was an escaped convict and tried to tell them where he was. Remarkably, they knew who he was and wanted very explicit information as to where he was! Then they wanted me to watch him and tell them all sorts of details as to what exactly he was doing.
So much that I couldn't quite fulfill this requirement. At first I thought it was so they could come get him. But they just asked more and more questions. I became frustrated and I realized that they were very afraid of him too. The risks they told me to take were basically them trying to have me be the police for them. And they did not come. I knew that if I called again, they would do the same. They would require more information, planning, ..thinking about it. But they weren't here where I was. They could not see the things that I could see and know- really know- what I knew. They were not serious about doing anything. And they would not come. They were afraid of him too.

 I realized  there was only one person in the whole world that could stop him and there was precious little time left. It had to be NOW! He could start that beast up any second. Any SECOND! I was the only one. It was all up to me and me alone. Nobody was going to help me. Not the police, not anybody. And even the landlady would turn against me. I felt an overpowering sense of dread and feeling of unreality - and worse- shrinking back from the responsibility.

I was becoming no better than the townspeople. And then, filled with fear, and anxiety, and uncertainty of what to do, I awoke. And just as I did,  I could hear a voice inside of me say "Do something!" It was daylight, and I sat up in bed.

 These things happen to us. They come to us. We have to have the Lord with us, but He allows us to suffer some terrible things before rescuing us. What will happen when something evil comes to your doorstep? You will not know til then. Courage is acting despite fear so great that you feel faint.

 I have no enemies. I have seen no recent violence. I don't even watch secular TV except an occasional old Sherlock Holmes video which has a little rare violence. All others are Christian.
 Now it may seem to you obvious what this dream meant, and I myself see its meaning even clearer even as I write it. But at that time I sat there wondering. During my 2nd prophetic dream, I wondered about important events in the dream and knew their meanings then and there. But in this instance, I did not wonder about anything other than what he was doing, what I should do next etc. It later slowly dawned on me little by little after I asked the Lord to tell me what it meant. So here goes.

 He is clearly the antichrist and is already here and about to go out into the world. Not much is holding him back.
Exactly what the meaning of his being an escaped convict is, I assert he has previously been in trouble with authority and has been in prison before. People like that don't just go bad in one day.They have a prior history. He will behave just as desperately. But that he is the 'man of violence' dawned on me. I believe that his past has something criminal perhaps or that he "escaped" somehow to arrive on the scene but has not yet fully been unleashed. The car was his conveyance power into this world,--his vehicle. The 'Man of Sin' does not act alone. He has armies at his command, and it did not come about overnight. He has to work at it. More about him in a minute. Here is the one thing that I had strong feelings about but can't quite say what it is. I feared that mighty thing firing up and sensed that when it did, it was as if it was going to be alive. And he had a lot to do about creating it but it was here already waiting for him! This part troubles me because I sensed that he knew where to find it and had long planned to escape to it!           
 It occurred to me that this car was used before and had been abandoned for dead and left where it was. I knew that, as it was covered with dust and I could plainly see it was used, but it hit me the day after that this was the beast of Revelation 17:8 "which once was, now is not, and yet will come". The same which Revelation 13:3 says had suffered "a fatal head wound (its previous driver was dead and its engine -or forces-were no more) and had been healed." (Which astonished people according to Revelation 13:3 and 17:8) It's referred to in Revelation 13:14 as: "..the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived."
This was a previous empire which had had its day and was to be revived by him.

  Many people conflate the beast with the antichrist, but the beast is his empire as a careful study of the beasts of Daniel plainly will reveal. Revelation 13:7 says:
"It was given power to wage war against God's holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation."
Clearly an empire as opposed to a single man is required. Revelation 17:10 talks about "..seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come"
Verse 11 says:
"The beast who once was and now is not, is an eighth king."
If you take the kings as kingdoms- or empires as it were,- then the five who have fallen as seen from John the narrator's time perspective are in chronological order:

1st The Egyptians
2nd The Assyrians
3rd The Babylonians
4th The Medo-Persians
5th The Greeks

These all oppressed the Israelites and fell to be replaced by the later empires. It then says "..one is,"  This one empire that "is" during John's time was:

6th The Romans

The other empire "who has not yet come" is clearly the very next empire which oppressed and conquered all Israel. This is easy but the world seems blind to it. It is Islam which actually crowned its first Caliph in Jerusalem itself in 660 A.D. The Islamic Caliphates ruled over Israel til 1919. This therefore is:

7th The Islamic Caliphates

The eighth is one that "once was, now is not" (yet will come) "He belongs to the seven", and Revelation 13:11 is that eighth beast. (Only 2 more beasts are future to John's point of view- the 7th and 8th empires of Revelation 17:10-11, which are also called the beast out of the sea in Revelation 13:1 and the beast out of the earth in Revelation 13:11 respectively) This 8th beast "excercised all the authority of the first beast (also called the seventh) on its behalf.."(the previous empire, thus the 7th spoken of in Revelation 17:10- which I assert is the 4 successive Islamic caliphates spanning 1260 years) "...and made the earth and it's inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed."
So the Islamic caliphates had a fatal "head" wound when in 1919 the British defeated the final caliphate which were the Ottomans whose "head" was the Caliph of all Islam. Under the Caliphate, all Islam was united under the Caliph. The Caliphate was abolished shortly after their defeat, thus the "fatal head wound" and Israel was at last free
after 1260 years of Islamic control.  
  If for some reason, the Caliphate is reborn and once again unites all Islam under it, it would certainly try to cause all to worship the image of the first (previous) beast. The same image that 1.2 billion Muslims pray to 3-5 times a day mounted on the corner of the Ka'abah in Mecca today as it was during the former Caliphates- for THAT is the image of the previous beast-empire! And the antichrist would be the Caliph himself.

Take note that ISIS has recently declared it's leader to be the Caliph of all Islam, Boko Haram- the worst terror group of Africa has declared allegience to them.  The leader of Turkey - Erdogan-has done the same thing, declaring himself to be the true Caliph.

Some might say that the beast from the sea of Revelation 13 shows itself to be the final antichrist empire by the wording describing it, but I submit that the Lord did the same thing in Daniel 8:9-13 where the antichrist seems to arise directly out of the Greek empire (through an initial fulfillment in the time of the Maccabees) and again in Daniel 7:7-11 where the antichrist seems to arise directly out of the Roman empire. Again the  initial fulfillment is the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D., but in each case the Lord treats each different empire as a kind of same thing with the same conclusion. The very same thing occurs in Revelation. This is very important to keep in mind!  In fact note that it says of the final or eighth beast in Revelation 17:11

"The beast who  once was, now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction."

Did you notice that meaning? Its another example of the Lord saying that this final antichrist beast arises out of, and "belongs to", the seven previous ones- two of which were made clear in Daniel 7 & 8. Revelation 13:14-15 shows that it's relationship to the previous seventh beast/empire 'out of the sea', is closer still while still treating that seventh as its own antichrist empire fulfillment just as was done with the Greek (5th) and Roman (6th) empires of Daniel 7 and 8. As if they all lead to the antichrist empire and are all the same.

About the Antichrist

Moreover that next night as I was listening to the Bible on DVD which is what I often do, my mind wandered to the personality of this guy since he was not like the smooth, oily, deceptive schemer you always see on junk like the Left Behind series, but quite different: --- violent, desperate, nervous, and filled with extreme selfish energy- which was barely hidden from nearly all. Thus consumed with these thoughts, I was no longer paying attention to the DVD when, at that very moment, I suddenly heard the Bible narrator on the DVD get louder and say "For the revelation awaits an appointed time." I stopped, and looked at the TV. It said:

3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
it speaks of the end
and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it;
b] will certainly come
and will not delay.
4 “See, the enemy is puffed up;
his desires are not upright—
but the righteous person will live by his faithfulness

5 indeed, wine betrays him;
he is arrogant and never at rest.
Because he is as greedy as the grave
and like death is never satisfied,
he gathers to himself all the nations
and takes captive all the peoples.
6 “Will not all of them taunt him with ridicule and scorn, saying,
“‘Woe to him who piles up stolen goods
and makes himself wealthy by extortion!
How long must this go on?’
7 Will not your creditors suddenly arise?
Will they not wake up and make you tremble?
Then you will become their prey.
8 Because you have plundered many nations,
the peoples who are left will plunder you.
For you have shed human blood;
you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them.

9 “Woe to him who builds his house by unjust gain,
setting his nest on high
to escape the clutches of ruin!
10 You have plotted the ruin of many peoples,
shaming your own house and forfeiting your life.
11 The stones of the wall will cry out,
and the beams of the woodwork will echo it.

12 “Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed
and establishes a town by crime!

I feel in such astonishing moments when the Lord suddenly reveals things to me in surreal moments both intense concentration, but also that He has is speaking to me and watches over me more than I realize- Over you too.

 That this guy was arrogant and greedy, I had seen in the dream. But the thing that struck me the most was his unceasing energy as I said, and he truly was never at rest! I was astounded that this should be spoken to me at that moment and that Habbakkuk, a book which I could not recall at that time what it was about- had a prophecy about the man of violence ---it about floored me! It also said that wine betrays him. I could see that this guy was a type who might be given to hard drinking but he was cold sober when I saw him. His identity is unknown to me but I now know that through the dream God caused me to be acutely aware of certain of his characteristics- which are more than borne out in scriptures it seems. I had not seen this before. Why did God show me this detail? ...He has some reason....

 The landlady represents those who are our 'secular landlords' .
.... if I can say that... do you know what I mean? This world is theirs and their lives are very important to them and avoiding trouble is more important than fighting evil or defending good. We are tenants. We are in this world but not of this world. And the townspeople were more of the same as the landlady.
The fact that she was a landlady was I believe, to more completely bring that home to me. Like the world, she was conditional. She did in fact like me. The world mostly does in fact still like Christians - But I could tell that if I inconvenienced her or made any kind of trouble, she would change her mind. She was conditional like the world.
 The townspeople were essentially the same and they were uninterested in the truth. It seemed to me that I could tell by obvious expressions and behaviors I saw.They were interested in things being...nice. And staying nice. If the violent one did not seem violent to them and my protests were trouble.... they would not want anything to do with me. I could trust no one to help me or even trust them at all.

 I knew even who the police were after a short while. They were the believers of the "sleeping" church if you will. All the "Christians" who were believers.... and like many believers in fact knew about him as opposed to the rest of the townspeople, and they were interested in him being stopped as well. But they had become so weak, they no longer had the courage to do something. Does that sound like the church today in this increasingly go-along-to-get-along world? A church that is increasingly fearful to speak out? In fact in my dream, I never even saw them! They were just a useless voice on the telephone. A useless voice.

 That left one more person to explain.. Me....because this time I was not just the outside observer being shown the world in my 2nd dream. I was a person IN the dream--one who had dealings with the others. Who was I? ...Who was I in this dream? A very strange feeling came over me because I noticed something unusual about myself increasingly --not long after this man of violence appeared. It seemed, though I had a strange doubt about the truth of it- and a woeful inadequacy to the task, I was becoming a coward! Who was I? I began to know who I was even during the dream because I myself knew what I thought. I was driven to stop him-- but not enough to actually do it! I was even avoiding telling the landlady that I was a Christian. I represented those people who believe in God, know that Jesus is exactly who He said He is, that these dire warnings in the Bible are true, that time is running short, and that we are the only ones who can do anything. Yet we are not doing our duty as watchmen on the wall. My eyes were open and I could not shut them and turn away once I had seen what I saw and knew what was happening. I was true believers who are the only ones who can delay or stop him, and even we are not ready or up to the task! This troubled me as the scary truth.

  Then very shortly afterward I came across this remarkable statement in the Bible which I believe the Lord showed me. Remarkably, in Hebrews 10:36-38 it quotes the very same verses from Habakkuk shown above- but seemingly with certain odd differences. And its what is hidden in these differences that is tantalyzing. It says:

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. For,
 "In just a little while,
     he who is coming will come
     and not delay."
   "But my righteous one will
           live by faith.
       And I take no pleasure
       in the one who shrinks back."
(Hebrews 10:36-38)

First and foremost, I want to point out what nearly all of Christendom gets wrong: The first line --where it says  "..he who is coming will come and will not delay." is NOT about Jesus!  Far from it!! Look at the original Habakkuk 2:3 prophecy. You will notice an odd difference- the first of the strange differences. Habakkuk instead says:

"Though it lingers wait for it;
..it will certainly come and will not delay"

Why this strange difference from the quote in Hebrews 10:36? Does the Bible contradict itself? No. Here is the secret: There is no alternate reading of the version in the Book of Hebrews from the original Koine Greek. But did you know there IS a difference of opinion of the meaning in the original Hebrew language found in Habakkuk? Many Bibles, -but not all- have a footnote showing that the meaning in Habakkuk 2:3 could also be:

  Though he lingers, wait for him;
    he will certainly come
    and will not delay.

  It is a "he" as the writer of Hebrews correctly quotes it. In fact the Septuagint version of Habakkuk translated into Koine Greek 200 B.C. is what Hebrews quotes and correctly handled the truth. But modern translators have not!. Remember, the Bible does not contradict itself. So first and foremost, both Hebrews and Habakkuk are about a he who is coming. If you read the rest of Habakkuk chapter 2, you can plainly see who this man is:

Verse 5. "He is arrogant and never rest".
Verse 6, He "makes himself wealthy by extortion".
Verse 9, He "builds his house by unjust gain."
Verse 12, He "builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town by crime"   

Tell, me my friend, does this sound like Christ to you?   Or the other guy?     And that brings me to the next crucial difference-  Hebrews 10 finishes the quote by saying:
    But my righteous one will live by faith
      And I take no pleasure
      in the one who shrinks
39But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved.

Thus are the words of Hebrews 10:38 & 39. Note that a contrast is drawn between "my righteous one" as opposed to "he who is coming".  Habakkuk likewise says "I take no pleasure in one who shrinks back". They also are found in the Septuagint version of Habakkuk 2. Verse 39 of Hebrews assures us that those who shrink back from their faith out of fear during that terrible time "are destroyed".

Now read it anew and understand it anew:

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. For,
 "In just a little while,
     he who is coming will come
     and will not delay."  
(the antichrist!)
   "But my righteous one will
           live by faith.
       And I take no pleasure
       in the one who shrinks back."

But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved.
(Hebrews 10:36-39)

YOU will possibly find yourself in some completely uncomfortable situation -or worse- and be very unprepared at that moment to stand up for the Lord and not be ashamed later like Peter was and like I was at the end of this dream. And if we shrink back from it through cowardice and indecision, we too will be the ones the Lord "will take no pleasure in".
Esther shrunk back from the impending persecution and murder of her people at the hands of Haman at first, but then after the influence of Mordachai, she steeled herself for the worst, and did not shrink back. Here's what Mordecai spoke:
"If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal positition for such a time as this?"

What Mordecai said to Esther, I say to you ALL! "If you remain silent at this time, you will perish also! But who knows that you have not come to your royal position for such a time as this!"  Yes, royal position, for like Esther, you are the bride of the King of all kings. Esther herself said,

"I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish"

Bravo for her. As it says in Romans 14:7-8

For none of us lives for ourselves alone, and none of us dies for ourselves
alone. If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord.
So whether we live or we die, we belong to the Lord.

And now for something also very important. Why did God show this to me? Lord would show one thing to a seamstress and quite another to a butcher. What's in my background related to this? What follows is a true story:

In 1993 I was awoken at 3 am to the sound of someone bounding up the stairs of our upstair apartment. I got up and looked to see who it was when I realized that my landlord (an agnostic) and the other tenant (a secular muslim) were already in bed. I saw that the lights were not on and that this person was in the landlord's office across the hall lighting a small light of some kind and rifling through drawers and shelves.
He appeared to be holding a gun in his other hand. I recoiled in disbelief and unreality. I stepped back, my mind going a mile a minute and thought of how hopeless it was for me to try to call the police with him so close. I then saw in horror as he went quickly down the hall away from me - unaware that I was watching him- and opened up the door to my landlord's bedroom. He too was bold and filled with nervous energy. He ficked his little light on and saw Charles sleeping there. I about did something and was preparing to rush him from behind, when he quickly closed the door and equally brazenly opened up the other door and looked in on Mahdi's room, a mild mannered Morroccan. He saw him,  and then turned immediately towards me at the end of the hall and my room and walked directly towards me. In the dark, I slipped back into my room and closed the door as quickly and quietly as I could, but he was now about 3 feet away. I heard him open the bathroom door and in about 5 seconds we would be face to face. I had to decide instantly what to do -ready or not. And I was so not ready -or so I thought. I decided to attack him with my bare hands.  I was going try to kill him with a single powerful blow to a certain spot on his face. I hoped his gun would not be quite ready.

 Are you ready to die? Will you be ready when the time comes? I  was forced into a sitution to risk dying for my own self defense. Are you ready to die for the Lord? Are you willing? Its hard enough to die for your own defense, are willing to die in defense of the Lord?

 The next moment before I was ready, (and way before he was ready for me) the door opened and he and I stood face to face. He was suddenly startled and I threw a punch very hard -seemingly in slow motion- as I saw that gun pointing at me and preparing for its intense blast. I did indeed feel a blast, not from the gun but from my wrist. You see I had broken it 5 weeks before and it had come out of the cast the day before. My punch was a bit off and it hit him in the teeth -tearing open my fingers and re-injuring my wrist. He keeled over and hit the floor. I switched the hall light on and there he was on the floor feeling around for that weapon. If I didn't get him or that thing first, all was lost. I wrestled with him on the floor for my very life eventually overpowering him, when it turned out to have been not a gun but a 9 inch knife he was holding all that time.

I eventually succeeded in pinning this guy to the floor during a brief but deadly serious struggle which produced blood splashes on the wall and a small pool on our fortunately red carpet. I held him down while he kept trying to feel around and find that knife he dropped, and I shouted for Charles to call the police. The Ithaca police showed up in 3 minutes flat and if there is a comical part to this harrowing event, the cops walked casually up the stairs thinking they were going to just get a description and send out an APB. They got to the top and froze in disbelief. The one guy yelled "Blood, partner!" and then they said "Can you hold him while we put our rubber gloves on please?" (You can't make this stuff up!) Then, they fumbled and pulled and tugged their stretchy latex gloves on, and then, turning back into superhero cops again, (protected as they now were from the oh so dangerous blood!) they stood on either side of me, and told me to get up.
These guys then impressed me by picking this guy up in one smooth stroke- from floor to face smooshed against our wall and hands cuffed behind in about 3 seconds. 'Course it left his bloody faceprint against our wall....   
Later the one cop put me in the police car himself to take me to the hospital and quietly congratulated me. They actually thought it was cool that I punched him, whereas I thought the whole thing was a nightmare. Anyone a bit weaker or more frightened (and I was sweating bullets) would have failed and been killed....my sister, cousin, most people we know, your sister, your family,.....

 Want to know a chilling end to this all? The judge - Judge William Barrett- let him go with nothing but probation, and ordered him to pay my medical costs in one year- which he did not do, and the judge never even opened and read my victim statement envelope which I filled out by direction of the Tompkins Co. D.A.,(I saw it unopened in their file a year later) He never told me when the court date was so that I could testify which his office promised it would do (my legal right!), and did the whole thing privately without any notification to me. Guess what political party he is? The Ithaca Journal did a tiny police blotter item with no facts right and no mention of violence, catching the guy, or resemblance to reality.   And there you have it-- A useless secular judge with no interest in justice, no hope of police intervening in time to stop the violence, a world that is not paying any attention (Ithaca Journal's fictional account). The DA sympathized with me and ordered the guy re-arrested for not paying me. I eventually got all of $495 but a whole new outlook on things.

 Truth is, I believe that God showed me this to reveal that things are more urgent and terrifying that people realize. Events may soon overtake us. He knew I would be torn and even more uncertain what to do than the knife attack in my apartment. I feel that His message was that it takes serious courage to fight the spirit of Antichrist in the world and the horrible consequences either way. Moreover, events will come to us in our lives that we are unprepared for. It was a warning for now. Videos online show Christians hung, burned, eyes gouged out (still alive and tied up), bathed in acid, raped and beheaded.

 The name of the Lord is a strong tower, for He is the Watchtower of the flock. Call upon him and remember:

I will not be pleased in one who shrinks back.  And
We can do all things through Him who strengthens us.


Paul Briggs

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