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Page 6 Three Black Limousines

The Three Black Limousines

I had a dream that there were two limousines pulled over to the side of a bend in the road for a picnic. The cars were a certain distance from one another. The one car held the leader of a small nation and his family, and the other car also held the leader of another small nation and his family. The scene was pleasant although the occupants of both cars seemed a little bit spoiled. Shortly, another larger black limousine pulled up to the curve and in it was Vladimir Putin. He looked quickly at the other two cars and motioned to two henchmen in the car with him in a way that seemed pre-planned; they knew what to do without words. Both got out and went to the other cars- one to one car, and one to the other. They each grabbed the nations' leaders and pulled them forcibly from their car. What they then did to them was so brutal that when they were done, both were crying and broken men- their lives never the same again. And they did it in full view of their families. They then put the men back into their respective cars and climbed back into Putin's limousine as business-like as if they did this routinely. Putin was very self-pleased and confident and rode off leaving the two shattered nation's leaders behind. I awoke disturbed by the cold-blooded brutality of what I had just witnessed and who was behind it.

 I did not know who the leaders of the other nations were. Not long afterward, the Ukraine was overrun with Russian insurgents in a pre-planned campaign which used subterfuge and brutality to wrest the Crimea from Ukraine, humble the nation as a whole and is still continuing to this day with closely aligned forces from Russian Ukrainians and Russian Military forces in false uniforms posing as Ukrainian nationals. Many nations in the Bible were prophesied ahead of time to invade other nations. I have a dread sense that another small nation is soon in Russia's sights, and the plans have already been carefully made.

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