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Page 3 An Enemy Near and Far

Ambient space music part one.

An Enemy Near and Far

I had a dream in which I could see the United States and even more from space at night. In it, I could see lots of points of bright burning spots. But these did not correspond with city lights at night. In fact I do not recall seeing any city lights at all. Instead I saw these glowing spots in many states and locations where there were not only urban areas but rural and less populous ones as well.  Further, they were as clearly visible as the ones nearer to larger cities. I noticed they were not cities or towns at all but precise locations where these many certain things were. Strange as it seems, I was given knowledge as to precisely what they were.  I was then disturbed at the number of them and their seemingly very purposefully designed distribution. I knew they were sited in those places for strategic reasons that I could not see but only guess at. I could see them in other nations as well and I suspected there was an origin to them. For these were not places of light in the usual sense--they were in fact the locations of terrorist cells.

I even saw some in Kansas and Oklahoma and even less populous locations. There were thousands of them. There were no boundaries visible, just a dark landscape and my knowledge of geography to guide me. Then the earth beneath me began to rotate to the west so that now I was seeing much farther to the east. And when it stopped, I was now positioned over Africa. I could see terror cells scattered throughout Africa as well. They were scattered in many places and countries. But as I looked at the vast dark Sahara Desert region where very few people live, and correspondingly very few cells were, there was one strange exception. One monumental and very strange exception indeed. Because in east-central saharan Africa, there was the mother of all terror cells!
It was many times the size of any other. I could see that there were terror cells in Libya north and west of it and others in north Africa, and also farther to the east of it in Sudan, but, they were all small points like the ones I saw over North America. This one however was a hive of cells. And somehow I sensed that the others were or will be connected to it like the head of a spider. But looking down at it and wondering about it, and puzzling about where this remote inhospitable place was, and after a moment of careful reckoning as to what country it could be and where in that country it was located, I suddenly said out loud to myself in the dream, "What! ...In Chad?" And then disturbed by what I saw, I awoke.

 That morning, as I wondered about whether it was a true dream or not, I decided to check something. I decided to check to see if Chad was really located where I had announced it was in my dream, and what was located in that spot I had seen. My strong intuition was that I was wrong, and that this place was too far east to be Chad, which I thought was located south of Algeria and not so close to Egypt at all. My knowledge of Saharan African geography was better than most (who know very little) but still not that great. I felt strongly that Chad was further to the west than my sudden observation declared in my dream. So I felt a good way to test this dream was simply to see if the actual location of the place I saw in the dream, (which I clearly remembered) was  located in Chad or not. As I said, I saw no national boundaries in the dream, just a dark continent with terror cells glowing brightly. But when I awoke and went online to look at a proper map of Africa, I saw that Chad was not further west as I had thought. Instead, I was amazed to see that not only was the place where I saw this hive of cells indeed situated right in Chad, it was in northern Chad, the very place I surmised in my dream that it was. And not so far from the borders of Egypt, just as the dream had shown me. I was struck that I correctly knew it was Chad in my dream, but not in my waking life. My awake mind was less accurate in geographical truth than my dream mind.

I wondered what was in this empty place- and noticed to my amazement that on the map there were not only lakes in this area, but a vast confusion of mountainous canyons and wadis and deep narrow shady gorges with water or near water. All this in the middle of the flat burning dry Sahara desert! Not what I expected. Not at all. And I sat in amazement and pondered this revelation quietly alone. The region I discovered is called the Tibesti mountains and is called the roof of the Sahara with its highest mountains. Ounianga lakes are nearby. The Tibesti in North Chad is one of the most inaccessible areas on Earth.


 There are several rivers in the region which evaporate before they get very far into the desert. Yet the longest flows over 250 miles before evaporating.  At the bottom of many of these canyons are 'gueltas' which are wetlands that store water during storms and which may last much of the year. The water is replenished several times a year during flooding, and salinity levels are low. There is a small lake in the northern part of the mountains called the Mare de Zoui located in a wadi. Rainfall, though very low, occurs here 5 times more frequently in the high elevations and even snows there every 6 or 7 years. Then the runoff gathers in the many narrow canyons where people can live. Whereas the Sahara Desert is mainly a vast lifeless waste, the Tibesti Mountains has numerous tribes who live there as shown in maps.

 The deeper Wadis in higher elevations have temperatures in summer that are between 97 degrees high and 65 degrees low each day. In the winter it's a very mild 70 as the high and 40 as the low in February. There are numerous oasis which are still unexplored! A variety of trees and small grasslands exist in many places.

 As I write this added update to my account in Nov. 29, 2016, I consulted a map of known terrorist hot spots published in the most recent issue 28 of Modern War by Strategy and Tactics Press which clearly shows two very recent trends. One is that the whole of southwest and south-central Libya is now under AL Queda control and that large area is very near or at the border of northwest Chad. The terrorists in those dry, fairly empty regions are about to find the many small water-filled shady gorges, caves, and palm covered oasis hidden away in the Tibesti mountains if they haven't already.  
 The second recent trend I discovered is that at the other (south) end of Chad, there is the large Lake Chad which has now also become a terrorist haven on the Nigerian shore of the lake also under Al Queda control. Chad already has experienced a number of incursions and attacks, and Boko Haram is more ruthless than ISIS who they have sworn allegiance to as the Caliphate.  The Tibesti Mountains would become a new form of Afganistan with its hidden mountain caves and remote seclusion safe from their enemies to plan attacks. Except that instead of attacking neigboring areas, they would have footsoldiers in thousands of terror cells all around the world at their beck and call, and their power to sabotage, kill, and destroy would make Sept 11th seem miniscule.   
 Prior to my dream, I had no idea that such a place even existed. In fact I didn't even have the correct location in my mind for the nation of Chad itself, let alone the exact location of a place with such fantastic features including lakes, wetlands, canyons, caves, palm oases galore, herds of camels, and a mild climate- all located impossibly remote from civilization in the middle of the largest desert on the face of the earth.

 Is this place a Biblical location? Is it found in Bible prophecy? In the Bible there are certain nations explicitly cited as those who come against Israel in the last days.  Among them are Lud, Cush, and Put and Sheba. Ezekiel 38:4-5 says that a great horde will come against Israel and that "Persia, Cush and Put will be with them..."  Persia is Iran of course. Cush is the southern Nile region south of Egypt  which certainly includes Sudan today.  Ethiopia and Somalia may be involved especially when you include Sheba. The land of Put is Libya. Daniel 11:42 says that the antichrist will control "all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushites in submission". So, Egypt, Sudan and Libya partly surround Chad, especially northern Chad, and these peoples may well be encompassed by the prophecies especially when you consider that they may be peopled by insurgents from all three neighboring countries.
There is however a further mystery. That mystery is the people of "Lud". It seems there are two different groups of people in the Bible who are called Lud. In
Genesis 10:13 Ludim is the firstborn of Mizraim (Egypt), and in 10:22 Lud is the 4th son of Shem. It seems there are two different peoples bearing the name Lud.
Today they are known as the Semitic Lud vs the Hamitic Lud or "Ludim".   Jeremiah 46:9 states:

Advance, O horses,
and rage, O chariots!
Let the warriors go out:
men of Cush and Put who handle the shield,
men of Lud, skilled in handling the bow.

That was the English Standard Version. The Holman Christian Standard version and others also correctly quote it as Lud - not Lydia which is an incorrect assumption on the part of other translations. It is the very same people called Lud in Genesis 10:13 who are from Egypt. Moreover these are NOT the Libyans either (which some versions mistakenly assume) since Put -widely assumed to be Libya- is listed separately with them in the case of Jeremiah 46 above. So the question arises then- if these people called Lud are not Egyptians but are a separate group who called their firstborn, and they are not Libyan, nor are they Cushites, and in the last days will come with these others from the same region....then who are these people?

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