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Be Still

Once, I was listening to the radio as a new Christian in 2001. The Jim Reith show was on WSYR out of Syracuse. He was talking to people who believed in channeling spirits, though he thought it was nonsense. A man phoned in saying he channeled the spirit of his dead father. I hated it. I really wanted to call in and slam dunk the whole thing with the Word of the Lord so bad! I did not know what God's precise quote would be but I furiously dialed the phone and meanwhile closed my eyes while opening the Bible and said, "Give me your quote, Lord", while spinning the pages across my thumb and pointing my finger where they stopped- certain that He would do it. I opened my eyes while the phone was still ringing and my finger stopped on a passage that said. "Be still and know that I am God".    I stared at it puzzled for a moment, and thought no way could the Lord not care about all these people listening to this dreadful crap. Then I said, "No, no, God not that one! You know what I am looking for!" At which point I then foolishly continued thumbing through Bible and looking in vain for 10 long minutes it seemed for something to address this, while this guy talked on about his messages with his dead father. As I shook my head in disgust, Jim Reath starts talking, asking the guy a few questions.  The man gave poor answers and then Jim asked a few mocking questions. Then the most blistering sarcastic mocking of the guy began like, "Hey did he talk with Elvis too?" and on and on he went getting funnier and funnier and mercilessly slayed the poor guy with cruel but wickedly funny put downs - which had me in stitches, and then in tears it was so funny- and cruel! .....And I realized that God's ways are not our ways and he knows just what he wants us to do and not to do. People would say- "Oh but God would never do anything sarcastic and mean like that." But I learned otherwise that afternoon. Did not Jesus call the Pharisees names? Did not the prophets mock those who worship idols? The effect that Jim Reith -who is mild mannered and often very bland- had on the audience that day far outweighed what I was going to do. From that moment on- NOBODY who called in to the show said anything in favor of channeling, but everyone who called were people who said 'I agree' and 'well put' and debunked it as nonsense. (It is real as you and I know but evil) But nobody wanted to have anything to do with it after that point.
Be still and know that I am God!! That was the message to me that day!

For an example of the Lord mocking the ungodly, read Elijah's mocking of the Baal worshipers in 1 Kings 18:27.

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