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Page 10 Coming Disasters

Coming Disasters:
A prophecy that was read aloud by a woman
in the church I used to attend

"Pray, pray, pray the hour has come when it is no longer ok to just get by without prayer. I have said in my word that this hour would come. This is the hour our lamps should be full. Remember the ten virgins. I repeat, your lamp should be full. I have spared America from many disasters that have come your way but no more. I have had my hand of protection upon America but no more. I am going to shake America like never before. I will lift my hand of protection for a little while. Remember 9/11 and what happened when my hand was lifted? What is to come is far worse than that. I have sat back and watched as my word has been removed from your schools. Your children know nothing of me. I have watched while your government has removed my commandments from their walls. They have promoted a life style forbidden by me. I have said in my word man shall not lie with man and women with women. This is an abomination. You have opened up your military, they are dancing in the streets, they are thumbing their noses and saying 'we are here, we will take over'. I will not allow this to go on any longer without discipline. I love you America but you need to be shaken. You are asleep, your leaders are asleep, your church leaders are not hearing my voice.  They ramble on with their agendas and not mine. They have ignored the signs and have not prepared my sheep for what is about to happen: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis like never before. You have already seen the beginnings of these but there is more to come, stronger, more frequent, more disastrous than ever before. I do not tell you these things to scare you, I tell you these things to prepare you. It is now time to fill your lamps, it is now time to pray, it is now time to listen for my voice, it is now time to gather your family to teach them that I am the only way to get through what is about to happen. Tell them I love them and will protect them if they belong to me. Remember my children, I will not leave you nor forsake you but you must draw near to me. Follow me; listen for my voice, for I am with you always forever and ever. I love you my children, please prepare, please pray, please love".

I do not know the name of the woman who stood in our presence and read these words.

Your watchman on the wall


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